Episode 28: Once Upon a Dream

once-upon-a-dreamWith more and more goblins, elves and witches inheriting our silver screens every year, fairy tales have cemented their status as one of the big trends of this decade. In this episode, we adapt and cast 3 Yet More or Less Unadapted (Fairy) Tales to film! We also go back to playing a fresh round of FMK – Disney royalties edition.

00:00 – Chick-Chatter
03:21 – Trailers
04:07 – Interesting Movies of the Fortnight
13:31 – General Discussion Intro
18:52 – Disney/ Common Fairy Tales
37:46 – Tales From Our Own Countries
59:56 – Fuck, Mary, Kill
1:08:04 – Plugs and Goodbyes

Once Upon a Dream (by Lana Del Rey)
Today Was a Fairy Tale (by Taylor Swift)
Across the Universe (by Beady Eye)



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What fairy tale adaptations are you excited for? Do you agree with our casting choices?