Episode 32: Robin Williams


The chicks return after their hiatus to pay tribute to the great Robin Williams who passed away recently. We discuss three different films that starred Williams and how fantastic he was in all of them. We also talk about our Interesting Movie of the Fortnight (or month really, but who’s counting?).

Enjoy 🙂
00:00 – 03:15- Chick-chatter
03:15 – 04:00- Trailer
04:00 – 13:12- Interesting Movie of the Fortnight
13:22 – 25:05- The chicks discuss The Fisher King (1991)
25:05 – 32:33- The chicks discuss Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)
32:33 – 45:48- The chicks discuss Dead Poets Society (1989)
45:48 – 50:19- Plugs and goodbyes
Across The Universe, by Laibach


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So, what are some of your favourite Robin Williams performances?

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