Guest Needed for Bollywood Experiment!

Hi guys! We know we had promised a Bollywood episode next but there have been some problems with that and we’re currently minus a guest who’s willing to partake in this experiment with us.

We are ideally looking for someone with little-to-no Bollywood knowledge and who is willing to watch 5 Bollywood movies that we provide them with and then talk about those films with us 🙂 We will give you ample time and it will be a new experience, and hopefully a good one at that.

Anyone who is interested, please contact us. You can comment here or through Twitter, Facebook or email.

In the meantime, we will be doing an episode on the 2014 comedy Obvious Child starring Jenny Slate next. It will air on Wednesday, 3rd December. Be there. And please reply!!

Published by The Chicks with Accents

Three chicks with three different accents share a passion for everything cinema-related.

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