Episode 43: Movies About Writers


Before the chicks with accents became world-class podcasters who are totally organized and coherent, they started out as writers. Haikus, thoughts, odes to Ryan Gosling’s arms- we’ve done it all. This is why when our special guest, French Toast Sunday‘s Lindsay Street, suggested the topic “Movies about Writers“, all of us instantly jumped at the opportunity.

Along with each of our top 3 movies about writers, we also have the guest questionnaire for Lindsay through which we find out more about her.

00:00 – 02:29 – Chick-chatter
02:29 – 03:03 – Trailers
03:03 – 15:18 – Guest questionnaire
15:18 – 58:42 – The chicks and Lindsay list their top 3 Movies about Writers
58:42 – 1:03:38 – Plugs and Goodbyes

Briony, Dario Marianelli (Guest Choice)
Cemetery Gates, The Smiths
Across The Universe, Cindy Lauper

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What are some of your films about writers?