Episode 48: Pixar – A Retrospective

Episode 48 - Pixar Retrospective2As Inside/ Out takes the film world by storm, the chicks travel 20 years back in time and review Toy Story, followed by all other feature films Pixar has produced so far. We find out that some films are more Pixar than others and some are definitely more memorable than others (or maybe some of us just should have done some more re-watching). Sofia finds out that she is actually a Pixar fan while Mette fangirls about Finding Nemo and Nik speaks of her least secret Pixar fantasy (this podcast also serves as her application to work at the Pixar cafeteria).
We apologize for the length and also the lateness of this episode.

00:00 – 04:30 – Chick-chatter
04:30 – 05:30 – Trailer
05:30- 2:09:32 – Main Discussion
2:09:32 – 02:15:45 Plugs and Goodbye

You’ve Got a Friend In Me, Randal Newman
It Only Takes a Moment, Hello, Dolly!
Across the Universe, Cindy Lauper

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What’s your favorite Pixar movie?