Episode 54: Our Favourite Summer Blockbusters!


In light of the hot (I mean H-O-T) temperatures that we’ve all been living with, here are the chick’s Top 3 Summer Blockbusters! We’re keeping it within the past decade because that’s when we really became aware of the huge movie hype around some films.

We’re taking a break from podcasting now to enjoy the summer – see you in the Fall! 🙂

00:00 – 06:09 – Chick chatter & Introductions
06:09 – 07:04 – Trailer from the LAMP Podcast Network
07:05 – 23:48 – Interesting Movie of the Fortnight
23:49 – 01:05:25 – The chicks share their Top 3 Summer Blockbusters
01:05:26 – 01:09:17 – Plugs and Goodbyes

Hedwig’s Theme, by John Williams
Sunny Afternoon, by The Kinks
Across The Universe, by Vandana Vishwas

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What are your favourite summer blockbusters?