Episode 57: The Movies We Loved in 2016 + More


The year that passed was a difficult one for our podcast. Never before have we experienced so many challenges in the form of personal business interfering with our plans, laptops that got stolen and episodes that were recorded, only to find out that the audio was unacceptable. We hope for better circumstances in this new year – perhaps we shouldn’t discuss horror movies anymore, that might help lift the curse – and apologize to listeners who have been affected by our hiatus (do they exist?).

We also apologize for the somewhat echo-y audio in this episode, which is the result of some new recording software and hardware we’re using. It should get better next time around.

As a tradition for  the first episode of the year, we discuss our favorite movies that we saw last year, which weren’t released in the last two years. It hasn’t been a very prolific year for watching old movies for any of us, but we still managed to put together some interesting lists. In addition, we talk about the movies we anticipate in 2017. Of course, we also included our favorite songs of 2016 in the episode. Enjoy!

00:00 – 05:38 – Chick-chatter and Introductions
05:38 – 06:30 – LPN Trailer
06:30 – 12:03 – General Thoughts and Honourable Mentions
12:03 – 51:13  – Our Top 3
51:13 – 1:06:18 – Anticipated Movies of 2017
1:06:18 – 1:09:02 – Plugs and Goodbyes

Fade, by Kanye West (Sofia’s Favorite Song of 2016)
Formation, by Beyoncé (Nikhat’s Favorite Song of 2016)
Lost on You, by LP (Mette’s Favorite Song of 2016)
Across the Universe, by In December

Give us your feedback on our facebook page or via email (acrosstheuniversepodcast @ gmail.com). You can find us on twitter under @Nikhat_Z, @filmflareblog and @mettekowalski.

Our episodes are free to download and listen on iTunes; all our previous episodes are available here — so scroll through the archive and have fun!

What are your thoughts on 2016?  What are your favorites, either of the year or the older movies you saw?

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Three chicks with three different accents share a passion for everything cinema-related.

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