Episode 60: Mette’s Farewell (Movies That Make Us Happy)


In episode 60 of the Across the Universe Podcast, we say goodbye to one of the chicks, Mette Kowalski. Because her leaving is sad enough, in this farewell we list our top three movies that makes us most happy. We also prepared a little goodbye gift for Mette
that you can catch at the end of the episode!

Plus a sneak peek of the return of the Across the Universe Podcast this October,
featuring a new chick with accent!! 🙊

00:00 – 03:30 – Chick-chatter and Introductions
03:31 – 11:30 – Interesting Movie of the Fortnight
11:31 – 39:15 – Main DiscussionTop 3 Movies The Make Us Happy
39:16 – 44:55 – Mette’s Surprise!
44:56 – 47:06 – New Podcast Sneak Peek

My Way, by Frank Sinatra
Main Event, by RuPaul
Across the Universe, by Scorpions


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Thank you to all the bloggers and podcasters
who sent their best wishes to Mette, 
you guys are the best.

What movies make you happy?