Episode 68: Welcome to Estonia

Welcome to Estonia

To celebrate Estonia’s 100th birthday (and Getter’s own anniversary!), we watched the movie that was voted number one Estonian movie, Kevade (1969). With a brief introduction about the country and its culture, the main discussion focuses on the European classic, and goes on to some very interesting plugs you don’t want to miss!

00:00:00 – 00:02:47 Introductions
00:02:48 – 00:19:10 Welcome to Estonia – The Country, The People, The Movies
00:19:11 – 00:41:30 Main Discussion: Kevade (or: Spring) (1969)
00:41:31 – 00:51:05 Plugs and Goodbyes

The Sun (Welcome to Estonia), by Tanel Padar
Salve Regina, by Arvo Part
Across the Universe, by Scorpions

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