Episode 73: Our Most Anticipated Summer Blockbusters (w/ Katy Rochelle!)

Episode 73 Summer Blockbusters Banner
In Episode 73 we bring you double the usual excitement, for two reasons: one, we’re sharing our most anticipated summer blockbusters of the year, so of course all we do in this episode is gush; two, this is a guest episode! Katy Rochelle from Oh So Geeky joins us and takes our traditional guest questionnaire, talks MegaCon and, unsurprisingly, shares our number one MOST ANTICIPATED movie of the summer.

Listen to our talk to know which films you absolutely cannot miss in theatres these upcoming months!

00:00 – 04:10  Introductions
04:11 – 13:23 Guest Questionnaire with Katy from Oh So Geeky!
13:24 – 01:03:59  Main Discussion: Our Most Anticipated Summer Blockbusters
01:04:00 – 01:10:01 Plugs and Goodbyes

Summertime, by Ella Fitzgerald
Friction, by Imagine Dragons
Across the Universe, by Scorpions

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Share your own most anticipated Summer Blockbusters!

On the next episode: all our thoughts on Ocean’s 8!