Episode 78: Top 10 Best Movies of the Decade

The Chicks with Accents are back to podcasting in 2020 with a special episode: Top 10 Best Movies of the Decade. Listen on to know each of our picks for the movies that meant the most to us these past 10 years.

00:00-01:01 – Intro
01:01-01:46 – LAMB Trailer
01:46-33:06 – Top 10 Best Movies of the Decade: #10 to #06
33:06-1:59:04 – Top 10 Best Movies of the Decade: #05 – #01
1:59:19-2:04:47- Plugs and Goodbyes

Non, Je ne regrette rien, by Edith Piaf
Modern Love, by David Bowie
Across the Universe, by AURORA

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On the next episode: the chicks talk about the most exciting movies coming in 2020.