Episode 79: OSCARS® 2020 Special

In our 79th podcast episode we look at this year’s OSCARS®, from the ceremony to the nominees and winners of the 92nd Academy Awards.

Structure – Part I
00:00:00 – 00:01:09 – Intro
00:01:10 – 00:01:38 – LAMB Podcasting Network Trailer
00:01:39 – 00:07:40 – The Ceremony
00:07:41 – 01:19:02 – OSCARS Nominees and Winners: From ‘Best Supporting Actor’ to ‘Best International Feature Film’

Songs – Part I
I Wanna Love Me Again, from Rocketman
Across the Universe, by Aurora

Structure – Part II
00:00:00 – 00:01:32 – Intro and LAMB Podcasting Network Trailer
00:01:33 – 00:53:53 – OSCARS 2020 Winners and Nominees: from ‘Best Original Song’ to ‘Best Motion Picture’
00:53:54 – 01:00:49 –  Plugs and Goodbyes

Songs – Part II
Into the Unknown, from Frozen 2
Across the Universe, by Aurora

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On the next episode: the chicks talk about the most exciting movies coming in 2020.

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Three chicks with three different accents share a passion for everything cinema-related.

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