Episode 94 – The Sexiest Movies We’ve Ever Seen

Although February and with it Valentine’s Day is over, we over here in the Across The Universe, um, planet, are still in the mood for some luuurrvvee. Specifically, Sexy™ luuurrvvee. Yes, this is the episode in which each of us talk about the Sexy™-est movies ever and boy, you will not see some of this coming.

00:00 – Introduction
01:58 – Interesting Movie/TV Show of the Fortnight
14:49 – Golden Globes 2021 Nominations
01:45:18 – Plugs and Goodbyes

I Want It That Way, by Backstreet Boys
Maggot Brain, by Funkadelic
Across The Universe, by The Accidentals Ft. Jenny Conlee

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Published by The Chicks with Accents

Three chicks with three different accents share a passion for everything cinema-related.

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