Episode 100: Across the Anniversary (100th Episode Special)

It has been a hot minute but fear not the chicks with accents are still alive and well – we’re just adulting really hard! Which is just our way of saying that we are extremely sorry that this episode has taken us forever to upload.

More than five months have past since our 99th episode came out. Then we sort of disappeared into the abyss…. unplanned. But now we are back ready to celebrate our 100th episode special anniversary extravaganza!

This episode has everything: a quiz, a movie review, a great list and a surprise! Since there is a lot crammed into this very special episode it is also quite a doozy with over two hours of awesomeness created by Nik, Sofia and Getter.

Lastly, this is sort of an episode to all of you guys! We want to say thank you to everyone who has come along this wild journey. This is not the end. This is the start of a new beginning!

00:00 – Introduction
05:40 – The Ultimate Quiz with special guest Jay
1:07:30 – Surprise!
1:09:00 – Mini-review of Across the Universe
1:36:00 – Top 3 Favourite Female Characters List
2:10:45 – Thank You Message & Goodbyes

I Want You She’s So Heavy (Across the Universe soundtrack), by Joe Anderson
Deepest Bluest (Deep Blue Sea soundtrack), by LL Cool J (Jay’s pick)
With A Little Help From My Friends (Across the Universe soundtrack), by Joe Anderson & Jim Sturgess
Oh! Darling (Across the Universe soundtrack), by Dana Fuchs & Martin Luther
All You Need Is Love (Across the Universe soundtrack), Dana Fuchs & Jim Sturgess

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Three chicks with three different accents share a passion for everything cinema-related.

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