Episode 79: OSCARS® 2020 Special

In our 79th podcast episode we look at this year’s OSCARS®, from the ceremony to the nominees and winners of the 92nd Academy Awards. Structure – Part I00:00:00 – 00:01:09 – Intro00:01:10 – 00:01:38 – LAMB Podcasting Network Trailer00:01:39 – 00:07:40 – The Ceremony00:07:41 – 01:19:02 – OSCARS Nominees and Winners: From ‘Best Supporting Actor’Continue reading “Episode 79: OSCARS® 2020 Special”

Episode 76: Noirvember – 2018 Edition!

We know Noirvember is over, but this movie event is one of our absolute favorites, so we couldn’t miss it. For this year’s edition, Nik and Sofia chose their all-time favorite noir films, and had our noir newbie chick, Getter, watch them for the first time! Did she love them? Hate them? Are we stillContinue reading “Episode 76: Noirvember – 2018 Edition!”

Episode 50: Nº50- The Anniversary Episode

AAAA we did it! It took us quite a while but we’re so excited that we reached this half-century mark. It’s been so fun, you guys, and thank you for being such patient and awesome listeners. In our 50th episode (woo hoo!), the chicks take their own guest questionnaire, talk about three female-directed movies, listenContinue reading “Episode 50: Nº50- The Anniversary Episode”

In Preparation: Our 50th Anniversary

Hi everyone, we are sorry for the delay – as always – but our 50th anniversary episode is approaching. On this occasion, we would like to invite you over to our facebook page to participate in the banner voting. Vote for your three favorites by liking them – we will share the top 3 in ourContinue reading “In Preparation: Our 50th Anniversary”

Episode 40: And the Award Goes To- 2015 Edition

The chicks are back to give their thoughts on the 87th Academy Awards nominations. There’s a lot of ranting and some raving as a result of which the episode is a tad long but we hope you enjoy it nonetheless. To make it easier for your listening, we’ve divided the episode into sections of sortContinue reading “Episode 40: And the Award Goes To- 2015 Edition”