Episode 50: Nº50- The Anniversary Episode


AAAA we did it! It took us quite a while but we’re so excited that we reached this half-century mark. It’s been so fun, you guys, and thank you for being such patient and awesome listeners.

In our 50th episode (woo hoo!), the chicks take their own guest questionnaire, talk about three female-directed movies, listen to some other film bloggers list their favourite female-directed films and declare the results of the Banner Voting poll. Also, as dictated by tradition, there are some problems with the recording but let’s face it, it’s part of our charm. 50 episodes in and still getting the hang of it. Enjoy 😉

00:00 – 06:51 – Chick-chatter
06:51 – 07:35 – Trailer
07:35 – 25:23 – The chicks answer the guest questionnaire
25:23 – 35:17 – The chicks talk about Across the Universe (2007)
35:17 – 51:00 – The chicks talk about Fish Tank (2009)
51:00 – 1:00:08 – The chicks talk about Dhobi Ghat/Mumbai Diaries (2010)
1:00:08 – 1:07:38 – Feedback on female-directed films
1:07:38 – 1:10:24 – Banner Voting results
1:10:24 – 1:18:09 – Plugs and Goodbyes

I’m Every Woman, Whitney Houston
Where Are The Female Directors?, All Exchanges Final Pitch Video (watch the full video here)
Across The Universe, The Scorpions

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What did you guys think? Give us any/all of your thoughts!


In Preparation: Our 50th Anniversary

Hi everyone, we are sorry for the delay – as always – but our 50th anniversary episode is approaching. On this occasion, we would like to invite you over to our facebook page to participate in the banner voting. Vote for your three favorites by liking them – we will share the top 3 in our anniversary episode. And while you’re at it, feel free to participate in #AsktheChicks and ask us anything you like – we will answer every.single.question in the upcoming recording. You can use the hashtag in the comment section anywhere on facebook, on our blog or on Twitter.
Spread the word and join us very soon to celebrate!



Episode 40: And the Award Goes To- 2015 Edition

10410562_778024685579651_8546440306739972260_n (1)

The chicks are back to give their thoughts on the 87th Academy Awards nominations. There’s a lot of ranting and some raving as a result of which the episode is a tad long but we hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

To make it easier for your listening, we’ve divided the episode into sections of sort of similar categories as shown below.


00:00 – 03:11 – Chick-chatter
03:11 – 03:45 – Trailer
03:11 – 08:47 – Intro to the Oscars + Sound Editing + Sound Mixing
09:26 – 27:33 – Visual Effects + Costume Design + Hair and Makeup + Production Design + Cinematography + Editing
28:26 –  49:24 – Original Score + Original Song + Animated Feature + Documentary + Foreign Film
49:57 –  1:05:33 – Adapted Screenplay + Original Screenplay + Direction
1:06:08 – 1:30:47 – Acting Categories + Film
1:30:47 – 1:32:35 – Plugs and Goodbyes


Lost Stars, Adam Levine (Begin Again)
Grateful, Rita Ora (Beyond the Lights)
I’m Not Gonna Miss You, Glen Campbell (Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me)
Everything Is Awesome, Tegan and Sara ft. The Lonely Island (The Lego Movie)
Glory, John Legend ft. Common (Selma)
Across The Universe, David Bowie

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Our episodes are free to download and listen on iTunes and Stitcher; all our previous episodes are available here — so scroll through the archive and have fun!

What are your thoughts on the nominations? Tell us who are your favourites, the snubs that made you the angriest and who you think will win on the big night.

Guest Needed for Bollywood Experiment!

Hi guys! We know we had promised a Bollywood episode next but there have been some problems with that and we’re currently minus a guest who’s willing to partake in this experiment with us.

We are ideally looking for someone with little-to-no Bollywood knowledge and who is willing to watch 5 Bollywood movies that we provide them with and then talk about those films with us 🙂 We will give you ample time and it will be a new experience, and hopefully a good one at that.

Anyone who is interested, please contact us. You can comment here or through Twitter, Facebook or email.

In the meantime, we will be doing an episode on the 2014 comedy Obvious Child starring Jenny Slate next. It will air on Wednesday, 3rd December. Be there. And please reply!!