Episode 101: Don’t Look Up

Happy new year!! For our first episode of 2022 we let you guys on our brand new Twitter account! pick a movie we were going to review. Between three choices Don’t Look Up won – so the chicks with accents are kicking off 2022 with an award hungry Netflix movie! Filled with A-list stars, includingContinue reading “Episode 101: Don’t Look Up”

Episode 100: Across the Anniversary (100th Episode Special)

It has been a hot minute but fear not the chicks with accents are still alive and well – we’re just adulting really hard! Which is just our way of saying that we are extremely sorry that this episode has taken us forever to upload. More than five months have past since our 99th episodeContinue reading “Episode 100: Across the Anniversary (100th Episode Special)”

Episode 99: Technology in Movies (with Special Guest Mette Kowalski)

We are almost there! Seeing how we were so close to the finishing line (of the first lap of course), we thought that the ONLY way we could celebrate this milestone is by inviting back one of the OG Chicks with Accents, Mette Kowalski. In this episode we catch up with Mette, discuss her InterestingContinue reading “Episode 99: Technology in Movies (with Special Guest Mette Kowalski)”

Episode 96: 93rd Academy Awards

The chicks discuss the latest Oscars, which celebrated the films of 2020 and like the infamous year itself, was a bit of a mess. Join us as we list down the different categories and present our very many opinions and thoughts on them. Structure:00:00 – Introduction02:20 – Main Discussion on the 93rd Academy Awards1:41:06 –Continue reading “Episode 96: 93rd Academy Awards”

Episode 86: Second Chance Films (aka THE Quarantine Episode)

One night in August, in the year of our Lord 2020, five months into a global pandemic, three girls from across the world decided it would be fun to record their very first video episode, about films they have HATED (PS. the caps are essential to emphasize the Passion) for a long, long, long time.Continue reading “Episode 86: Second Chance Films (aka THE Quarantine Episode)”