Episode 80: Movies to Watch at the End of the World

In our 80th episode we talk a little about the corona virus and how the situation (according to the situation a week and a half ago) has been affecting us. In our main discussion we talk about three end of the world movies and list a few things we learned from the movies that couldContinue reading “Episode 80: Movies to Watch at the End of the World”

Episode 70: Annihilation

With Spring looming, the chicks with accents are finally breaking their silence! In other words, our little unexpected hiatus is over. To start off, we all pick something for the Interesting Movie of the Fortnight feature and then, for our main discussion, we talk¬†Annihilation.¬†Sure, we are a little late with the discussion, yes. But weContinue reading “Episode 70: Annihilation”

Episode 63: The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

With Halloween come and gone, and the next beloved holiday of the year a month away, Across the Universe Podcast’s newest Chick With an Accent gets to host her first episode! It may not be an international holiday, it may not include lots and lots of decorations, but it’s still special for us! (Or maybeContinue reading “Episode 63: The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)”

Episode 62: Weinstein Scandal + Scary Non-Horror Movies

October is wrapping itself up, and true to its Halloween nature, it has been hell of a scary month. With the Weinstein scandal being widely discussed in the media, the chicks with accents give their thoughts on the matter in their new segment called Flicking the News. Later, we discuss three scary non-horror movies and whether they are scary due to their meaning or their sociological impact.