Episode 55: Bridget Jones’s Baby

Summer’s over and the chicks are back. So is Bridget Jones! In this episode we talk about our favourite clumsy romcom queen, how we like love Colin Firth just the way he is and everything else Bridget Jones. Along with that, we also talk about some interesting movies we’ve seen in the summer. So sit back,Continue reading “Episode 55: Bridget Jones’s Baby”

Episode 50: Nº50- The Anniversary Episode

AAAA we did it! It took us quite a while but we’re so excited that we reached this half-century mark. It’s been so fun, you guys, and thank you for being such patient and awesome listeners. In our 50th episode (woo hoo!), the chicks take their own guest questionnaire, talk about three female-directed movies, listenContinue reading “Episode 50: Nº50- The Anniversary Episode”

Episode 28: Once Upon a Dream

With more and more goblins, elves and witches inheriting our silver screens every year, fairy tales have cemented their status as one of the big trends of this decade. In this episode, we adapt and cast 3 Yet More or Less Unadapted (Fairy) Tales to film! We also go back to playing a fresh roundContinue reading “Episode 28: Once Upon a Dream”

Episode 26: Scary Monsters (and super creeps!)

Make sure you listen to this episode at night and with the lights out, for in the 26th Episode of the Across the Universe Podcast we chicks discuss three Monster Movies, celebrating the release of Godzilla. They are The Host (2006), Cat People (1942), and The Blob (1958) – none of which we’ve seen before.Continue reading “Episode 26: Scary Monsters (and super creeps!)”

Episode 25: Movies People Hate That We Love (Guest Eps)

For our 25th episode we share three movies that everyone seems to hate, but which we secretly love. Special guest Cherokee joins us, from London! Structure 00:21- Chick-chatter 03:28- Trailer 04:05- Guest questionnaire 14:03- The chicks and Cherokee list their favourite films that are hated by most people 1:05:24- Plugs and Goodbyes Music Guest’s choice-Continue reading “Episode 25: Movies People Hate That We Love (Guest Eps)”