Episode 38: The Bollywood Experiment

After months of preparation (more like chaos), our dream has come true: we completed our Bollywood experiment. The little losses we experienced on the way (five films became four, we didn’t get a new¬†female guest for the show) didn’t diminish the amount of fun that we had producing this episode. A big thank you goesContinue reading “Episode 38: The Bollywood Experiment”

Guest Needed for Bollywood Experiment!

Hi guys! We know we had promised a Bollywood episode next but there have been some problems with that and we’re currently minus a guest who’s willing to partake in this experiment with us. We are ideally looking for someone with little-to-no Bollywood knowledge and who is willing to watch 5 Bollywood movies that weContinue reading “Guest Needed for Bollywood Experiment!”

Episode 33: I’m Just Not that Into You

On this episode, the chicks are joined by special guest, Mettel from Mettel Ray Movie Blog as they list some of the actors and actresses who they¬†hate are not huge fans of at the moment. All of this has been obviously done in good humour and we hope everyone enjoys us going nuts, as always.Continue reading “Episode 33: I’m Just Not that Into You”