Episode 15: Catching Fire

The Chicks venture back into Panem and cross their fingers for Peeta Melllark and Katniss Everdeen who have to fight their way through the Hunger Games one more time. Join us as we catch fire! Structure 0:19 – Chick-chatter 1:50 – Trailer 2:32 – Interesting Movie of the Fortnight 18:46 – The Chicks talk aboutContinue reading “Episode 15: Catching Fire”

Episode 14: Noirvember

As the days grow darker and the leaves start falling, the Chicks take part in the celebration of Noirvember. Join us on a low-key lit journey to find The Maltese Falcon, scent the Sweet Smell of Success and promenade along Sunset Blvd. Structure 0:19 – Chick-chatter 2:57 – Trailer 3:19 – Interesting Movie of theContinue reading “Episode 14: Noirvember”

Episode 13: Give Life Back to Music (Guest Eps)

The chicks welcome their first ever guest on the show, Ryan McNeil from The Matinee. After finding out a little more about him, together they list down their favourite music-related films (excluding musicals). So just turn on the music and enjoy! Structure 0:26 – Chick (and guy) Chatter 2:53 – Trailer 3:52 – The GuestContinue reading “Episode 13: Give Life Back to Music (Guest Eps)”

Episode 12: Awkward Movie Viewing Moments

You’ve made yourself comfortable, the popcorn is ready and excitement is in the air – what could possibly go wrong? A lot, apparently, as you can find out in this episode as the Chicks share some their funniest and/or most embarrassing movie viewings. Structure 00:20 – Chick-Chatter 02:53 – Trailers 03:43 – Interesting Movie ofContinue reading “Episode 12: Awkward Movie Viewing Moments”

Episode 11: Ground Control To Major Tom

Due to the hysteria-inducing new release “Gravity”, each of us Chicks brings a sci-fi film to be discussed. Join us while we gush over classics such as 2001: Space Odyssey (1968), Blade Runner (1982) and Sleeper (1973). Structure 0:33 – Chick-chatter 3:37 – Trailers 4:13 – Interesting Movies of the Fortnight 24:43 – The chicksContinue reading “Episode 11: Ground Control To Major Tom”