Episode 77: OSCARS 2019 Reaction

We’re back from our break with a very timely Oscar Special reaction episode! The chicks discuss all the nominees and winners, and the best and worst moments from this years awards ceremony. Stay tuned – in a few days we’ll release our review of Captain Marvel (2019)! Songs: Shallow, by Lady Gaga and Bradley CooperContinue reading “Episode 77: OSCARS 2019 Reaction”

Episode 75: Netflix & Chill

For our newest episode, we decided to dig deep into the popular activity called Netflix & Chill. Which of course means that we picked three Netflix romantic movies, and sat down to chill and watch them. And then, in a not so shocking turn of events, we sat down to chill again, but this time,Continue reading “Episode 75: Netflix & Chill”

Episode 71: Good Actors in Bad Movies

Every now and then we find a really great actor (or really cute one) that has us aching to watch ALL of his/her movies – even the bad ones. Because if they’re in them, how bad can they really be? Find out just how BAD it can get when actors like Jake Gyllenhaal, Charlize Theron,Continue reading “Episode 71: Good Actors in Bad Movies”

Episode 68: Welcome to Estonia

To celebrate Estonia’s 100th birthday (and Getter’s own anniversary!), we watched the movie that was voted number one Estonian movie, Kevade (1969). With a brief introduction about the country and its culture, the main discussion focuses on the European classic, and goes on to some very interesting plugs you don’t want to miss! Structure: 00:00:00Continue reading “Episode 68: Welcome to Estonia”

Episode 36: Neo-Noirvember

It’s Noirvember, and the chicks once again celebrate this unique movie genre with an episode dedicated to the winner from our neo-noir movie poll – Steven Soderbergh’s Out of Sight. Thank you for voting, and for all your enthusiasm! Structure: 00:00 – 03:10- Chick-chatter 03:10 – 03:48- Trailer 03:48 – 14:43- Interesting Movie of theContinue reading “Episode 36: Neo-Noirvember”