Episode 21: Make ‘Em Laugh (Guest Eps)

We sincerely apologize for the delay of this special episode featuring The Vern from The Vern’s Video Vortex and Vanguard, especially to the Gentleman himself, who has always been one of our most loyal listeners. Inspired by Vern’s happy podcasting and blogging persona, we discussed our favorite comedies with him. Structure 00:00 – 03:25: Chick-ChatterContinue reading “Episode 21: Make ‘Em Laugh (Guest Eps)”

Episode 20: Let’s Fall in Love (Valentine’s Day Special)

The Chicks get more or less romantic in this Valentine’s Day themed episode, discussing three films about love that haven’t got enough attention yet. They also have a very special Interesting Movie of the Fortnight, where each of them has chosen to watch a film that stars the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. Structure 00:00 –Continue reading “Episode 20: Let’s Fall in Love (Valentine’s Day Special)”

Episode 19: And the Award Goes to…

‘And the award goes to… American Hustle! Wait, really? That’s what you decided on?’ – to prevent this from happening at the Oscar ceremony of 2014, the Chicks passionately defend their favorites and ruthlessly bash their dislikes in this episode of the Across the Universe podcast. That being said, we don’t necessarily agree all ofContinue reading “Episode 19: And the Award Goes to…”

Episode 18: Sell Me This Movie! (Wolf of Wall Street)

The Chicks have become high on the materialistic howl of the Wolf of Wall Street and discuss what to include in their For Your Fucking Consideration letter to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. Structure 03:35 – 04:13 Trailers 04:13 – 20:19 Interesting Moive of the Fortnight 20:19 – 71:50 The chicks discussContinue reading “Episode 18: Sell Me This Movie! (Wolf of Wall Street)”

Episode 17: Happy New Year 2014 (Guest Eps)

Happy new year internet! The Chicks have prepared a special episode for this occasion: they list their favourite films they saw in 2013 that are not from that year. Joining them is the awesome Stevee Taylor from New Zealand, blogging at Cinematic Paradox, as the fourth Chick With Accent – how’s that for a fireworkContinue reading “Episode 17: Happy New Year 2014 (Guest Eps)”