Episode 88: Noirvember (2020)

Yes, it is that time of the year again- when we descend into the corrupted heart of society with troubled private eyes and dubious conmen and a dangerous dame or two, aka Noirvember! This year, instead of some common theme, we decided to watch any noir or neo-noir of our own choice and just haveContinue reading “Episode 88: Noirvember (2020)”

Episode 76: Noirvember – 2018 Edition!

We know Noirvember is over, but this movie event is one of our absolute favorites, so we couldn’t miss it. For this year’s edition, Nik and Sofia chose their all-time favorite noir films, and had our noir newbie chick, Getter, watch them for the first time! Did she love them? Hate them? Are we stillContinue reading “Episode 76: Noirvember – 2018 Edition!”

Episode 64: Foreign Noirvember

Put on your fedoras, turn down your key light and grab your femme fatales because it’s that time of the year again! Yes, Noirvember is here and so is our annual episode celebrating the phenomenon. This time, inspired by our international routes, we take a look at foreign noirs and neo-noirs. Also, we Flick theContinue reading “Episode 64: Foreign Noirvember”

Episode 36: Neo-Noirvember

It’s Noirvember, and the chicks once again celebrate this unique movie genre with an episode dedicated to the winner from our neo-noir movie poll – Steven Soderbergh’s Out of Sight. Thank you for voting, and for all your enthusiasm! Structure: 00:00 – 03:10- Chick-chatter 03:10 – 03:48- Trailer 03:48 – 14:43- Interesting Movie of theContinue reading “Episode 36: Neo-Noirvember”

Episode 14: Noirvember

As the days grow darker and the leaves start falling, the Chicks take part in the celebration of Noirvember. Join us on a low-key lit journey to find The Maltese Falcon, scent the Sweet Smell of Success and promenade along Sunset Blvd. Structure 0:19 – Chick-chatter 2:57 – Trailer 3:19 – Interesting Movie of theContinue reading “Episode 14: Noirvember”