Episode 87: Horror Comedies (2020 Halloween Special)

In this year’s Halloween Special we talk about three horror comedies that will make all your nightmares go away. Considering everything that has been going on in 2020, we figured you needed a good night’s sleep. So grab some candy and enjoy an episode full of ghoulish laughs, talking about Gremlins (1984), Brain Dead (1992)Continue reading “Episode 87: Horror Comedies (2020 Halloween Special)”

Episode 35: Oogie Boogie Time

Halloween is just ’round the corner and though for many of us that is a time to get all costumed up and eat tonnes of candy, it is also a great reason to watch loads of horror films, while still eating tonnes of candy *of course*. In this episode, the chicks list down their favouriteContinue reading “Episode 35: Oogie Boogie Time”

Episode 26: Scary Monsters (and super creeps!)

Make sure you listen to this episode at night and with the lights out, for in the 26th Episode of the Across the Universe Podcast we chicks discuss three Monster Movies, celebrating the release of Godzilla. They are The Host (2006), Cat People (1942), and The Blob (1958) – none of which we’ve seen before.Continue reading “Episode 26: Scary Monsters (and super creeps!)”