Episode 46: The Hours

Stephen Daldry’s The Hours won the poll we set up after our last episode in which we asked you guys to choose a film starring actors born in June (Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep in this case). The chicks discuss the film- what they thought about it, their interpretations and their comments on its influences,Continue reading “Episode 46: The Hours”

Episode 23: Belle De Jour (Listener’s Choice)

The listeners have had their say in the choice of our topic and so we discuss the 1967 Bunuel movie Belle de Jour! Structure 00:30- Chick-chatter 03:09- Trailer 03:50- Interesting Movie of the Fortnight 16:53- The chicks discuss the Listeners’ Choice, Belle de Jour (1967) 43:53- Plugs and Goodbyes Music I’m No Good (by AmyContinue reading “Episode 23: Belle De Jour (Listener’s Choice)”