Episode 24: Captain America, Winter Soldier

The Cap is back and the chicks chime in with their opinion on the 2nd solo outing of the first avenger. We also talk about our interesting movies of the fortnight and introduce a new, “highly intellectual” and fun game. Structure 00:00 – 03:24: Chick-chatter 03:24 – 03:55: Trailer 03:55 – 17:03: Interesting Movie ofContinue reading “Episode 24: Captain America, Winter Soldier”

Episode 18: Sell Me This Movie! (Wolf of Wall Street)

The Chicks have become high on the materialistic howl of the Wolf of Wall Street and discuss what to include in their For Your Fucking Consideration letter to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. Structure 03:35 – 04:13 Trailers 04:13 – 20:19 Interesting Moive of the Fortnight 20:19 – 71:50 The chicks discussContinue reading “Episode 18: Sell Me This Movie! (Wolf of Wall Street)”

Episode 15: Catching Fire

The Chicks venture back into Panem and cross their fingers for Peeta Melllark and Katniss Everdeen who have to fight their way through the Hunger Games one more time. Join us as we catch fire! Structure 0:19 – Chick-chatter 1:50 – Trailer 2:32 – Interesting Movie of the Fortnight 18:46 – The Chicks talk aboutContinue reading “Episode 15: Catching Fire”

Episode 2: Gatsby? What Gatsby?

We discuss Leonardo DiCaprio’s beautiful face, his smile and whether he uses bronzing lotion or not. Oh, and we also talk a little about The Great Gatsby. Structure 0:32- Chick-chatter 3:10- Feedback 9:00- Interesting Movie of the Fortnight 31:00- General Discussion on The Great Gatsby (2013) 74:14- Plugs and Goodbyes Music: Jay Z and KanyeContinue reading “Episode 2: Gatsby? What Gatsby?”