Episode 58: 89th Academy Awards

If there was ever a time to record our traditional Oscar episode after the ceremony, it was this year. Tune in for our thoughts on the nominees and winners, the ceremony, and a little bit about red carpet fashion. We’d like to thank Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, without you this recording would not have been so fun – really, thank you.

In our next episode we’ll talk about a former Oscar winner as chosen by you
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00:00 – 02:10 – Chick-chatter and Introductions
02:10 – 02:45 – LPN Trailer
02:45 – 1:40:25 – Main Discussion: the ceremony, the nominees, and the winners!
1:40:25 – 1:42:27 – Plugs and Goodbyes

City of Stars, ft. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (from La La Land)
Can’t Stop the Feeling, ft. Justin Timberlake (from Trolls)
How Far I’ll Go, ft. Alessia Cara (from Moana)
Audition, ft. Emma Stone (from La La Land)


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What did you think of this year’s Oscars ceremony? Did your favourite nominees win?


Episode 40: And the Award Goes To- 2015 Edition

10410562_778024685579651_8546440306739972260_n (1)

The chicks are back to give their thoughts on the 87th Academy Awards nominations. There’s a lot of ranting and some raving as a result of which the episode is a tad long but we hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

To make it easier for your listening, we’ve divided the episode into sections of sort of similar categories as shown below.


00:00 – 03:11 – Chick-chatter
03:11 – 03:45 – Trailer
03:11 – 08:47 – Intro to the Oscars + Sound Editing + Sound Mixing
09:26 – 27:33 – Visual Effects + Costume Design + Hair and Makeup + Production Design + Cinematography + Editing
28:26 –  49:24 – Original Score + Original Song + Animated Feature + Documentary + Foreign Film
49:57 –  1:05:33 – Adapted Screenplay + Original Screenplay + Direction
1:06:08 – 1:30:47 – Acting Categories + Film
1:30:47 – 1:32:35 – Plugs and Goodbyes


Lost Stars, Adam Levine (Begin Again)
Grateful, Rita Ora (Beyond the Lights)
I’m Not Gonna Miss You, Glen Campbell (Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me)
Everything Is Awesome, Tegan and Sara ft. The Lonely Island (The Lego Movie)
Glory, John Legend ft. Common (Selma)
Across The Universe, David Bowie

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What are your thoughts on the nominations? Tell us who are your favourites, the snubs that made you the angriest and who you think will win on the big night.

Episode 19: And the Award Goes to…


‘And the award goes to… American Hustle! Wait, really? That’s what you decided on?’ – to prevent this from happening at the Oscar ceremony of 2014, the Chicks passionately defend their favorites and ruthlessly bash their dislikes in this episode of the Across the Universe podcast. That being said, we don’t necessarily agree all of the time here.

00:00 – 03:18: Chick-Chatter
03:18 – 03:47 Trailers
03:47 – 05:25 Award Ceremony Introduction
05:25 – 01:24:15 Award Ceremony
01:24:15 – 01:26:59 Goodbyes

The Moon Song (by Karen O)
Let It Go (by Idina Menzel)
Across the Universe (by Fiona Apple)