Episode 81: Our Most Anticipated 2020 Movies (that we hope are still coming!)

In episode 81 of the Across the Universe podcast, we discuss the upcoming movies we’re most looking forward to watch. We’ve recorded this episode before the COVID-19 pandemic, so the premiere dates we mentioned no longer apply. Still, we hope we’ll get to see most of these films in 2020. Enjoy! Episode Structure:00:00:00 – Intro00:02:00Continue reading “Episode 81: Our Most Anticipated 2020 Movies (that we hope are still coming!)”

Episode 66: Favourite Movies of 2017

Happy new year, all listeners across the universe! We are back with new topics, fresh ideas and some heavy duty motivation! Still with us are a few technical issues, which we again apologise for. It seems that getting a connection across the universe sometimes comes with static. But no technical issue is going to stopContinue reading “Episode 66: Favourite Movies of 2017”

Episode 63: The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

With Halloween come and gone, and the next beloved holiday of the year a month away, Across the Universe Podcast’s newest Chick With an Accent gets to host her first episode! It may not be an international holiday, it may not include lots and lots of decorations, but it’s still special for us! (Or maybeContinue reading “Episode 63: The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)”

Episode 48: Pixar – A Retrospective

As Inside/ Out takes the film world by storm, the chicks travel 20 years back in time and review¬†Toy Story, followed by all other feature films Pixar has produced so far. We find out that some films are more Pixar than others and some are definitely more memorable than others (or maybe some of usContinue reading “Episode 48: Pixar – A Retrospective”

Episode 46: The Hours

Stephen Daldry’s The Hours won the poll we set up after our last episode in which we asked you guys to choose a film starring actors born in June (Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep in this case). The chicks discuss the film- what they thought about it, their interpretations and their comments on its influences,Continue reading “Episode 46: The Hours”