Episode 37: Obvious Child

We hit a little glitch on the road to our Bollywood episode and to make up, we’ve brought you another one! In this episode, the chicks talk about probably the only abortion romcom ever, the controversial and charming¬†Obvious Child, starring Jenny Slate. Here’s what you can expect from it- Structure: 00:00 – 03:10- Chick-chatter 03:10Continue reading “Episode 37: Obvious Child”

Episode 36: Neo-Noirvember

It’s Noirvember, and the chicks once again celebrate this unique movie genre with an episode dedicated to the winner from our neo-noir movie poll – Steven Soderbergh’s Out of Sight. Thank you for voting, and for all your enthusiasm! Structure: 00:00 – 03:10- Chick-chatter 03:10 – 03:48- Trailer 03:48 – 14:43- Interesting Movie of theContinue reading “Episode 36: Neo-Noirvember”

Episode 35: Oogie Boogie Time

Halloween is just ’round the corner and though for many of us that is a time to get all costumed up and eat tonnes of candy, it is also a great reason to watch loads of horror films, while still eating tonnes of candy *of course*. In this episode, the chicks list down their favouriteContinue reading “Episode 35: Oogie Boogie Time”

Episode 33: I’m Just Not that Into You

On this episode, the chicks are joined by special guest, Mettel from Mettel Ray Movie Blog as they list some of the actors and actresses who they¬†hate are not huge fans of at the moment. All of this has been obviously done in good humour and we hope everyone enjoys us going nuts, as always.Continue reading “Episode 33: I’m Just Not that Into You”

Episode 28: Once Upon a Dream

With more and more goblins, elves and witches inheriting our silver screens every year, fairy tales have cemented their status as one of the big trends of this decade. In this episode, we adapt and cast 3 Yet More or Less Unadapted (Fairy) Tales to film! We also go back to playing a fresh roundContinue reading “Episode 28: Once Upon a Dream”