Episode 26: Scary Monsters (and super creeps!)

Make sure you listen to this episode at night and with the lights out, for in the 26th Episode of the Across the Universe Podcast we chicks discuss three Monster Movies, celebrating the release of Godzilla. They are The Host (2006), Cat People (1942), and The Blob (1958) – none of which we’ve seen before.Continue reading “Episode 26: Scary Monsters (and super creeps!)”

Episode 25: Movies People Hate That We Love (Guest Eps)

For our 25th episode we share three movies that everyone seems to hate, but which we secretly love. Special guest Cherokee joins us, from London! Structure 00:21- Chick-chatter 03:28- Trailer 04:05- Guest questionnaire 14:03- The chicks and Cherokee list their favourite films that are hated by most people 1:05:24- Plugs and Goodbyes Music Guest’s choice-Continue reading “Episode 25: Movies People Hate That We Love (Guest Eps)”

Episode 24: Captain America, Winter Soldier

The Cap is back and the chicks chime in with their opinion on the 2nd solo outing of the first avenger. We also talk about our interesting movies of the fortnight and introduce a new, “highly intellectual” and fun game. Structure 00:00 – 03:24: Chick-chatter 03:24 – 03:55: Trailer 03:55 – 17:03: Interesting Movie ofContinue reading “Episode 24: Captain America, Winter Soldier”

Episode 23: Belle De Jour (Listener’s Choice)

The listeners have had their say in the choice of our topic and so we discuss the 1967 Bunuel movie Belle de Jour! Structure 00:30- Chick-chatter 03:09- Trailer 03:50- Interesting Movie of the Fortnight 16:53- The chicks discuss the Listeners’ Choice, Belle de Jour (1967) 43:53- Plugs and Goodbyes Music I’m No Good (by AmyContinue reading “Episode 23: Belle De Jour (Listener’s Choice)”

Episode 22: Teenage Dream

It’s a double birthday episode! We celebrate by discussing some of our favourite and possibly cheesy (okay, very cheesy) teen movies. Structure 00:00 – 02:32: Chick-chatter 02:32 – 03:12: Trailer 03:12 – 14:02: Interesting Movie of the Fortnight 14:02 – 26:09: The chicks discuss High School Musical (2006) 26:09 – 38:09: The chicks discuss RebelContinue reading “Episode 22: Teenage Dream”