Episode 6: The Earth Dies Screaming

Episode 6 of the Across the Universe Podcast is all about Apocalyptic Movies, in honor to the recently released and much anticipated Word World Z. The Chicks with Accents discuss War of the Worlds (2005), The End of the World (1916) and Melancholia (2011), as well as our usual movies of the fortnight. Structure 0:28- Chick-chatterContinue reading “Episode 6: The Earth Dies Screaming”

Episode 5: Kryptonite

In this episode, we review the latest goings-on in the world of Superman aka the Man of Steel. You’ll also be hearing about many other superhero movies in our Super-Duper Questionnaire, where we’ll answer and discuss various questions about the genre. Structure 0:23- Chick-chatter 2:22- Trailer 3:13- Interesting Movie of the Fortnight 19:55- General discussionContinue reading “Episode 5: Kryptonite”

Episode 4: Trapped in a Box

In this episode, the chicks chat about their favourite TV shows. It’s a little long, but we promise you loads of fun. And giggling 🙂 Structure 0:11- Chick chatter 2:46- Trailers 3:21- Interesting Movie of the Fortnight 20:15- General discussion on each of our Top 4 TV shows 1:33:46- Plugs and Goodbyes Music The NationalContinue reading “Episode 4: Trapped in a Box”

Episode 3: A Girl Like You

  In this episode, we discuss our favourite female role models – not as in feministic idols, but as in characters that have some traits we’d like to have ourselves. Structure: 00:38- Chick-Chatter 02:02- Introduction 02:43- Trailer Time 03:32- Interesting Movie of the Fortnight 19:00- General Discussion on Our Top 5 Female Role Models 1:10:22-Continue reading “Episode 3: A Girl Like You”

Episode 2: Gatsby? What Gatsby?

We discuss Leonardo DiCaprio’s beautiful face, his smile and whether he uses bronzing lotion or not. Oh, and we also talk a little about The Great Gatsby. Structure 0:32- Chick-chatter 3:10- Feedback 9:00- Interesting Movie of the Fortnight 31:00- General Discussion on The Great Gatsby (2013) 74:14- Plugs and Goodbyes Music: Jay Z and KanyeContinue reading “Episode 2: Gatsby? What Gatsby?”