Episode 48: Pixar – A Retrospective

As Inside/ Out takes the film world by storm, the chicks travel 20 years back in time and review¬†Toy Story, followed by all other feature films Pixar has produced so far. We find out that some films are more Pixar than others and some are definitely more memorable than others (or maybe some of usContinue reading “Episode 48: Pixar – A Retrospective”

Episode 34: David Fincher – A Retrospective

With Gone Girl on everyone’s mind, the chicks decide to look at the earlier work of David Fincher. Join us as we go through the filmography of Hollywood’s reigning king of thrills and oh so cool film-making and share our thoughts on it. (Note: We had some technical difficulties with the recording of this episodeContinue reading “Episode 34: David Fincher – A Retrospective”

Episode 10: I Want Candy (Sofia Coppola Retrospective)

We celebrate our first jubilee episode by discussing one of our favorite – female! – directors, Sofia Coppola. Luckily, we all finally got the chance to see her latest feature The Bling Ring, which you can expect to hear a lot about, as well as everything else of the pretty things she’s made so far…Continue reading “Episode 10: I Want Candy (Sofia Coppola Retrospective)”