Episode 52: College Movies

Hi guys! Long time, no see. So here’s the thing- we have been trying to record but due to our respective colleges and the work they assign us, we have not been able to make time. Hence, we thought why not do an episode on what’s been keeping us from podcasting, i.e., colleges?! So inContinue reading “Episode 52: College Movies”

Episode 49: Mystery Movies

Celebrating the premiere of one of 2015’s most anticipated thrillers, Sicario, and just in time for the eeriest season of the year, the chicks share their Top 3 Favorite Mystery Movies.  The next episode will be our 50th, so you know it’s going to be special. Keep an eye on our social media profiles to know more about what’s coming andContinue reading “Episode 49: Mystery Movies”

Episode 45: Dystopian Movies

With the release and widespread success of Mad Max: Fury Road, the chicks thought it was time to reveal their own favourite dystopian films. In this episode, they each pick their Top 3 Dystopian Films (with quite a few overlaps) and go a little boy-crazy in the Interesting Movie of the Fortnight feature (well, NikContinue reading “Episode 45: Dystopian Movies”