Episode 99: Technology in Movies (with Special Guest Mette Kowalski)

We are almost there! Seeing how we were so close to the finishing line (of the first lap of course), we thought that the ONLY way we could celebrate this milestone is by inviting back one of the OG Chicks with Accents, Mette Kowalski. In this episode we catch up with Mette, discuss her InterestingContinue reading “Episode 99: Technology in Movies (with Special Guest Mette Kowalski)”

Episode 98: I Care A Lot

Whoops we’re late with this one! However, we really enjoyed our deep dive into the very divisive 2020 release I Care A Lot, both with spoilers and without. Join us as we discuss everything from why we like a movie and its relation to how good a film is technically, to just how much ofContinue reading “Episode 98: I Care A Lot”

Episode 96: 93rd Academy Awards

The chicks discuss the latest Oscars, which celebrated the films of 2020 and like the infamous year itself, was a bit of a mess. Join us as we list down the different categories and present our very many opinions and thoughts on them. Structure:00:00 – Introduction02:20 – Main Discussion on the 93rd Academy Awards1:41:06 –Continue reading “Episode 96: 93rd Academy Awards”

Episode 95: Welcome to the Marvel TV-verse (WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)

After making THE BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTER EVER, there was only one place for MCU to go next- the small screen! Getter, Sofia and Nik look at the two brand spankin’ new MCU TV-verse shows: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (the first 2 episodes) and WandaVision and break down everything from what works (Katherine Hahn, obviously),Continue reading “Episode 95: Welcome to the Marvel TV-verse (WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)”