Episode 20: Let’s Fall in Love (Valentine’s Day Special)


The Chicks get more or less romantic in this Valentine’s Day themed episode, discussing three films about love that haven’t got enough attention yet. They also have a very special Interesting Movie of the Fortnight, where each of them has chosen to watch a film that stars the late Philip Seymour Hoffman.

00:00 – 03:49: Chick-Chatter
03:49 – 04:50: Trailer
04:50 – 12:40: Interesting Movie of the Fortnight
12:40 – 20:47: The chicks discuss Harold and Maude (1971)
20:47 – 32:57: The chicks discuss Last Night (2010)
32:57 – 43:34: The chicks discuss Bright Star (2009)
43:34 – 51:05: Plugs and Goodbyes

Let’s Fall in Love (by Ella Fitzgerald)
If I Didn’t Care (by Lee Pace and Amy Adams)
Across the Universe (by Fiona Apple)

Published by The Chicks with Accents

Three chicks with three different accents share a passion for everything cinema-related.

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