Episode 73: Our Most Anticipated Summer Blockbusters (w/ Katy Rochelle!)

In Episode 73 we bring you double the usual excitement, for two reasons: one, we’re sharing our most anticipated summer blockbusters of the year, so of course all we do in this episode is gush; two, this is a guest episode! Katy Rochelle from Oh So Geeky joins us and takes our traditional guest questionnaire,Continue reading “Episode 73: Our Most Anticipated Summer Blockbusters (w/ Katy Rochelle!)”

Episode 47: Road Trip Movies

It’s time to pack your suitcase and jump into a cinematic (and – sadly – fictional) car with the chicks and special guest Jay Cluitt (www.lifevsfilm.com). One of the most loyal (and only?) listeners of this podcast, Jay travelled all the way from England to our Skype conversation just to be rudely questioned and told thatContinue reading “Episode 47: Road Trip Movies”

Episode 43: Movies About Writers

Before the chicks with accents became world-class podcasters who are totally organized and coherent, they started out as writers. Haikus, thoughts, odes to Ryan Gosling’s arms- we’ve done it all. This is why when our special guest, French Toast Sunday‘s Lindsay Street, suggested the topic “Movies about Writers“, all of us instantly jumped at the opportunity.Continue reading “Episode 43: Movies About Writers”

Episode 33: I’m Just Not that Into You

On this episode, the chicks are joined by special guest, Mettel from Mettel Ray Movie Blog as they list some of the actors and actresses who they hate are not huge fans of at the moment. All of this has been obviously done in good humour and we hope everyone enjoys us going nuts, as always.Continue reading “Episode 33: I’m Just Not that Into You”